West Indies Power contracts PRMD West Indies Limited to drill geothermal production wells on Nevis

WIP Nevis Rig

(Charlestown, June 27) – West Indies Power (WIP) has signed a contract with PRMD West Indies Limited (PRMD) to drill two (2) 6000 ft directional geothermal production wells and one 7000 ft vertical injection well at the Spring Hill Geothermal Site on Nevis.

It is estimated that each production well will produce 5MW’s of geothermal steam to power the 8.5MW geothermal plant that is being constructed at the Spring Hill Geothermal Site.

PRMD will send, to Nevis, its’ Rig 21 which is a specially constructed geothermal production drilling rig. The drilling rig has the ability to drill large size geothermal production wells to 10,000 ft. The drill stands 185 ft high and requires a 100ft by 300 ft drill pad to operate. Each well will take approximately 45 days to drill.

Kerry McDonald, WIP CEO and Paul Marriott, Managing Director of PRMD, shake hands at the Nevis 1 well head after signing contract

Rig 21 is currently located in Belize and will be shipped to Nevis in August of this year. The drilling at Spring Hill is to commence in September.

PRMD is the Nevisan subsidiary of the Marriott Drilling Group from the UK. The Group has been conducting drilling operations for 65 years. It has extensive experience in geothermal well drilling, having drilled geothermal production wells in Central America, Kenya, UK, Ireland, and other locations.

Kerry McDonald CEO of WIP stated “WIP is fortunate to be associated with such a internationally experienced geothermal drilling contractor as PRMD. It brings experience in the field of geothermal drilling that will insure the timely success of the Nevis Geothermal Project and the delivery of reliable low cost geothermal power to the people of Nevis and the Caribbean.”

West Indies Power Holding B.V. is an independent power producer specializing in the development of geothermal energy in the Caribbean with operations on the islands of Nevis, Saba and Dominica.

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