West Line Bus Terminal Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Held

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 13 , 2020 (ZIZ News):The West Basseterre Bus Terminal was officially opened on Tuesday following a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the terminal.

Shanique Harvey has the details…..

Government officials and bus drivers were among those in attendance on Tuesday morning for the official opening of the West Line Bus Terminal.

Among those making presentations were President of the West Line Bus Association Nicholson Webster, Minister of Transport the Hon. Lindsay Grant, and Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris.

Webster noted the improvements derived from the new procedures implemented at the terminal.

“I would like to list a few reasons which include but not limited to, a tremendous reduction in congestion in and around the bus terminal, improved safety for passengers and pedestrians, a much more organized system, less wear and tear on buses and much more improved efficiency,” he said. Webster continued, “as simple as this may sound this system brought a greater co-operation among passenger bus owners and operators”

Minister Grant said that the new terminal should usher in a different approach to how public transportation is conducted noting some of the changes that bus operators must exhibit.

“The facility must also signal a reset in how as a people we conduct the business of public transportation as the saying goes we cannot put old wine in new skins. Bus operators to match the modern design of this new facility, you must also elevate your standards of customer service, you must exhibit an unswerving commitment to discipline and order on the terminal and on the road as you take your passengers to and from their destinations in comfort and in safety.”

He added that bus drivers must follow dispatch rules and systems to ensure they have a chance to make a living as well as their deportment, dress and language must identify them as bus operators who are professional.

With a break in remarks a drumming performance was provided by Royd Phipps and company.

Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris praised all stakeholders involved in the construction of the terminal and noted that it is part of the government’s commitment to the improvement of Basseterre.

“I want us to put this beautiful expensive facility in the context though of our commitment to redevelop Basseterre and to ensure Basseterre shall be, the best, the most beautiful, the cleanest city anywhere in the Caribbean and further afield.”

Immediately following the Prime Minister’s remarks the ribbon cutting was done to declare the terminal officially opened.

The fully covered terminal allows for a revamped procedure guiding how buses line up and depart and also accommodates drop off points for East Line buses as well.

The project was constructed at a cost of about 2.27 million dollars.

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