West Zone Hosts Torch Run as Part of Child Month 2015

(ZIZ News) – As Child Month 2015 continues, supervisors of day care centers and preschools in the country’s West Zone are doing their part to raise awareness.

On Sunday afternoon, children, parents and child care providers participated in a torch run from the Challengers’ Day Care Center to the Dieppe Bay Day Care Center.

Kerrie Greene, who is the Coordinator of the West Zone, told our reporter that it is time for the community to recognize the children’s importance to the community.

“I think it was quite a success in terms of community involvement because the closer we got to Dieppe Bay, the larger the crowd got and we were extremely surprised when we got to Dieppe Bay, the number of parents who jogged along with the children and were a part of the final ceremony,” Greene stated.

Sunday’s torch run was the first for the Early Childhood Unit.

Child Month 2015 is being celebrated under the theme “Serving Children with Love and Dignity.”

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