WiMAC’s New Governing Council Announced

Tricia King nee Greaux truly believes that her name revealed her destiny Tri (Tree) Ci (Sea) A Greaux (Griot -African storyteller). Tricia is an environmental storyteller, born in Basseterre, St. Kitts (Sugar City) in the twin-island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis (SKN). 

She was always fascinated by whales and sharks, so it was really no surprise when she pursued her studies at the University of the Virgin Islands and was awarded a BSc in Marine Biology. Mrs. King serves as the Marine Management Area (MMA) and Habitat Monitoring Officer at the SKN Department of Marine Resources (DMR).  During her tenure as the officer responsible for MMAs, she played an integral role in the declaration of the first MMA in St. Kitts and Nevis.  Mrs. King is a certified Marine Protected Areas Manager and represents SKN as a national liaison and Vice President of Public Relations for Women in the Maritime Caribbean.  

The synergy of arts and science is critical to conservation communication. As a lead technical advisor for the UNDP GEF Small Grant Proposal “See Life Sea SKN”, she initiated; the implementation of a strategic school-based marine education system, Broadcast: an elevated use of social media platforms and print media, SeaDance: dance as a communication catalyst for conservation messages, ArtSEA: large scale murals, makeup and nail art competitions to raise awareness and the publication of the See Life Sea SKN Book: a children’s book series about marine ecology (in progress).   

As the Creative Director of the Anjolique Dance Company, the dance pieces highlight social and environmental issues. Mrs. King also owns Creative Cultured Creations: a jewelry and painting enterprise. Some of the paintings are also used to create awareness about the marine environment and SDG 14 Life Below Water. She serves at the Antioch Baptist Church and within her community through the Reach for Recovery SKB Breast Cancer Support Group.

“As a woman operating in a male-dominated sector, I can identify with my sisters across the region, as we share similar experiences, whether the sector is marine or maritime. I am passionate about communicating the realities and possibilities that exist within the Blue Economy. My involvement in varies aspect of Ocean Governance allow me to pave a way for other young persons male or female to embrace this area as a future path.”

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