Windies skip speaks to young cricketers

Bridgetown, Barbados — West Indies newly appointed Test Captain Jason Holder took some time out of what is sure to be a busy schedule to share with the young minds and cricketers from the St. Catherine’s Junior recently.

Holder was the guest of Co-operators General Insurance and the feature speaker for the eager cricketers of the St. Philip team and after a brief speech he opened the floor for the aspiring cricketers to ask questions.

Holder first spoke about adequate preparations for the task ahead of a person especially in the game of cricket.

“Hydration is important and adequate sleep,” said Holder who was willing to answer any question posed to him from the audience filled with young cricketers and their parents and coaches.

As he spoke about his journey from Primary School to where he is now in cricket, Holder mentioned that a good support system is also key as one should keep good friends who are willing to tell you the truth no matter what.

He mentioned that scoring the century was one of his biggest achievements as it was not only that he scored the century but he also helped to save the match.

“I pride myself on coming out from tough situations.”

With the aspect of balancing work and cricket coming up as a student, Holder said that good time management was important but his parents helped him in that regards as they also ensure that the first thing he did was his homework as soon as he got home.

That way he had more time to play cricket as the school work was out the way.

“You have got to be discipline and know what has to be done. Plan and plot the way you want to balance… it is not easy but the quicker you get through the work the more time you have to do activities.”

He told those on hand that one of the best pieces of advice he has been given was to be true to himself.

“People think that they are more advance than they actually are and they also tend to shy away from their weaknesses and flaws. If you understand you have them you will work harder.”

He said your strengths are your greatest assets so work and maintain them but put a little more effort in your weaknesses.

He also said that there was a time and place for everything, when to be serious and when to have fun and one should always treat other with love and respect as you never know who is watching and whose lives you can impact.

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