Windsong Foundation is offering grants for educational development of children on Nevis

Hon Mark Brantley

ZIZ News…Aug. 18, 2010 – Children on the Island of Nevis will soon have another avenue to get educational assistance.

Windsong Foundation recently announced that it will immediately begin accepting applications for grants to provide educational assistance to children on the island of Nevis.

They have partnered with the Hon. Mark Brantley to make this a reality.

According to a press release, Windsong Foundation has designated the Honourable Mr. Mark Brantley of Main Street, Charlestown, NEVIS, West Indies as its agent to receive applications for grants from interested schools, civic organizations and those involved in the education of children under the age of 18 years. Mr. Brantley has had a long professional association with the Estate of Martin Crowley and Windsong Trust, and has campaigned tirelessly for funds for the benefit of children living on the island of Nevis. The Foundation is very pleased to announce that it is now in a position to consider applications and to make monetary grants for educational projects on the island of Nevis.

All applications from interested persons should be made in writing and set out clearly the group that the funds are intended to benefit, the proposed project to be undertaken and the total amount of funding sought. All applications should be addressed to Windsong Foundation c/o Mark Brantley, Daniel, Brantley & Associates, Main Street, Charlestown. NEVIS, West Indies.

Windsong Foundation is proud to partner with the island of Nevis and to continue the philanthropic wishes of the late Martin Crowley. It is hoped that all those persons interested in obtaining funding will take advantage of this opportunity.

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