WIPA Congratulates CWI On 95th Anniversary

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – The West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) celebrates the 95th Anniversary  of Cricket West Indies’ (CWI) affiliation with the International Cricket Council (ICC). 

The then named West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) joined the sport’s international ruling body, then  named the Imperial Cricket Council, on May 31, 1926, and later played their first official  international match in 1928, becoming the fourth Test nation. 

WIPA’s executive and staff extends warm congratulations to CWI on this important milestone. We  look forward to continuing to partner together to advance the wellbeing and profession of  our players. 

WIPA President and CEO, Wavell Hinds, articulated his thoughts on the anniversary, “The legacy  and longevity of West Indies cricket is rich and enduring. This ninety-five (95) year old experiment  called West Indies cricket is at times complex, but at best unifying and triumphant. West Indies’ mark on the cricket world has helped emphatically to break down barriers and eliminate  discrimination for the Caribbean people. Undoubtedly, West Indies cricket is firmly hinged in the  minds of the people of the Caribbean and the diaspora, continuing to contribute to the evolution of  Caribbean civilization. May the West Indies continue to play with flair, grace, and honesty”. 

Via wiplayers.com
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