WMNMSF Continues To Support Schools

The William Marcus Natta Memorial Scholarship Fund continues to live out its motto of giving “A Helping Hand Along Your Way”. Three learning institutions on Saint Kitts were the most recent recipients of the Scholarship Fund’s generosity. The Tucker-Clarke Primary School, Irishtown Primary School and Newtown Nursery received a myriad of school supplies during the final week of September.
“Although the ongoing pandemic has seriously hampered our fundraising efforts, the needs of our schools are still ever-present,” said Dr Marcus L Natta, Co-Founder of the Scholarship Fund. “Therefore, we had to ensure that in spite of the pandemic, we would continue to make our donations to these important institutions.”
Tucker-Clarke and Irishtown Primary Schools collectively received over 6000
items including: exercise books, paper folders, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, chalk, glues, crayons, scissors, hand sanitizers, activity books and children’s reading books. Newtown Nursery received over 500 items including: alphabet puzzles, trays, play dough, water paints, children’s cups, bowls, plates and spoons, play mats, baby wipes, diapers and assorted toys.
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