Work on Wash Ghaut progressing smoothly

By: Chaïra Flanders

As work continues on Phase 2 of the Island Main Road Rehabilitation Project, ZIZ was given an update on the ongoing work currently taking place in the Wash Ghaut area.

Upon arrival at the construction site, ZIZ was immediately transported to a newly built dirt road that revealed underground access to the ghaut commonly known for sweeping vehicles and disrupting traffic during heavy water flow associated with torrential rainfall or the passage of a hurricane.

Engineer at the Public Works Department, Mr. George Gilbert said he was pleased to give the news team access considering the progress that has since been made, including the development of a retaining wall.

Mr. Gilbert used the opportunity to clarify misunderstandings about the opening of the newly constructed road, noting that the closure of the old diversion is temporay until maintenance work is completed.

Gilbert said that the teamwork that exists between the service providers on the island has really helped to push the project’s progress.

Work on Wash Ghaut will also see the addition of a proper drainage system that will allow the free flow of water from Upper Cayon directly into the Ghaut.

The head Engineer confirmed that work on Wash Ghaut is expected to be completed this December, in time for the Christmas and Carnival season.

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