Work to Commence at Warner Park

(ZIZ)– Following several weeks of delay, the crew is getting ready to commence work on the Warner Park Lighting Project.

Senior Sports Officer at the Department of Sports, Vernon Springer says the installation work was halted by strong winds that were coming into the federation over recent weeks.

He said, “The winds sort of curtailed the completion of the lights on the Warner Park Project itself but this is 2014 and Prada International are rearing and ready to go. They’re going to be up and moving from Saturday.”

According to Springer, the next step is to raise the actual lights to have them installed on the poles that were already erected.

“The project is about five days off of completion…and when I say five days, I’m talking about just the installation of the lights; the installation on the cricket side. At the Cricket Academy you would recognize that the lights have already been installed so…the next move over the next three-four days would be to just raise the lights on the cricket side.”

Besides the lights, work will also be done on the pitch, the mound and the outfield as well.

So far, the jumbo-tron and the smaller screens between the poles have already been installed.

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