World Autism Awareness Day

On April 2nd of every year, World Autism Day is internationally recognized, encouraging member states of the United Nations to take measures to raise awareness about people with autism spectrum disorder throughout the world.

This year, the Spectrum Services Center which was established in September 2018, led the way in raising awareness here in St. Kitts with an information booth at the independence square on Tuesday.

ZIZ News visited the booth and spoke with director of the Spectrum Services Center Josephine Claxton-Richardson who explained what autism disorder is.

Director Richardson said the center is available to anyone to share information and offer assessments as necessary.

Supporter of the Spectrum Services Center Dr. Marcus Natta commended the Center for the work it has been doing.

It was noted that approximately 80 persons with autism have been assessed in St. Kitts.

As the month of April is deemed autism month, another activity to be hosted by the Spectrum Services Center will be an open house on Saturday April 6th at the center at the industrial site from 2 to 5pm.

World Autism awareness day 2019 is observed under the theme assistive technologies, active participation.

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