YES Training Workshop Underway

ECIBYESTrainingWorkshop2014-1(ZIZ)– The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking [ECIB] is continuing with its mandate of helping to prepare young persons for employment in the financial services sector.

On monday, at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the institute launched its Young Employee Socialization [YES] Training Workshop.

ECIB’S Chief Executive Officer, Analdo Bailey said this programme helps to bridge the gap between school and the world of work.

He said, “Helping to bridge the gap between school and work yes but it also helps and provides a platform where you the participants can interact with professionals drawn from the banking and finance sector primarily. And so you will see these professionals displaying skills, attitude and behaviour that are required of financial sector employees.”

ECIBYESTrainingWorkshop2014-2Bailey also noted that the programme will help each participant with their own personal development.

“Based on your active participation in the activities that have been arranged…once you become actively engaged over the next few days in the activities that have been arranged and planned, I can assure you that you are going to leave this place different than when you came,” he noted.

Country Manager for the Bank of Nova Scotia St. Kitts and Nevis, Dave Ramsumair said most of the lessons learnt during the YES Programme cannot be taught at the school level.

He explained, “There’s more to your valuable employee than just having book smarts. There’s a whole lot of other factors such as quality customer service, workplace etiquette and how to present a proper business image. This is what makes the YES Programme so crucial because it helps prepare young school leavers, such as yourselves, with the necessary skills that cannot necessarily be taught in a classroom.”

The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking has been hosting the Young Employee Socialization [YES] training programme for 13 years.

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