Young man injured following stone throwing incident

Cayon High School

ZIZ News – May 7, 2010 – At approximately 12:30 pm on Thursday May 6, Police at the Cayon Police Station responded to a report of missiles thrown at the Cayon High School.

Investigations revealed that a group of juvenile males were throwing missiles from a bushy area nearby the school much to the danger and discomfort of the students and teachers.

According to a Police release, when the police arrived a number of them ran but a sixteen (16) year old male of Cayon who was at the time masked threw a missile at the police and the police discharged a single shot and injured his attacker.

The injured juvenile was taken to the JNF Hospital where he is presently undergoing treatment for his injuries and has been reported to be in stable condition. The police are looking for a number of suspects in relation to the throwing missiles. Investigations are ongoing.

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