Youth and Climate Change

ZIZ News—2nd August, 2013–The Water Services Department is tapping the creativity of young people between the ages of 14-17 to tackle climate change through the use of social media.

In honour of the International Year of Water Cooperation, The department is sponsoring a competition for the production of Public Service Announcements to promote awareness of water conservation and climate change.

Young people can submit PSA scripts for review by a panel of judges. The winning scripts will be professionally produced as a radio and television PSAs.

The winners will also act as on-screen and behind the scene talent for the productions, once selected. They’ll also take home a five hundred dollar prize.

According to an official at WSD, the competition is meant to highlight the social media skills of young people; encourage learning, research and networking around water issues and especially conservation practices.

Entrees must be submitted as typed scripts by 3 pm Friday August 09, 2013.

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