Youth group donates to Pink Lily

NEWCASTLE, Nevis, March 28, 2012 — A youth group on Monday made a monetary donation to Pink Lily Cancer Care.

Phe’on Jones and Steve “Zeggy” Pemberton made a donation on behalf of other members of the group from monies raised through a car wash.

We were making jokes in New Castle after a couple of parties on the beach, a couple of breakfasts we decided to raise funds for breast cancer. We will plan more activities. It is not the first but the other activities are based on community service.

Three heads, Zeke and my brother but serves the whole of New Castle. We will try to reach out to children. Did a lot of work in Miami Pink Lily deals with breast cancer which affects both men and women.

We will start after school programs and fund raising activites. We have a lot of work that has to be done. Positive vibes. Parents are coming around. We will target them as well. Plans take time to plan and execute. After work and on week-ends.

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