Zack’s Historical Cultural Library & Museum hosts Black History Month Exhibition

Zack's Historical Cultural Library & Museum, Buckley's Estate, Buckley's, Basseterre, St. Kitts
Zack’s Historical Cultural Library & Museum, Buckley’s Estate, Buckley’s, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Cultural Preservationist or the Doctor of Culture, as he is sometimes called – Winston “Zack” Nisbett will be hosting his annual Black History Month Exhibition at the Zack Historical Cultural Library and Museum Located in the Estate House at Buckely’s Estate.

On Thursday ZIZ News caught up with Mr. Nisbett who said he was busy preparing for Friday’s start of the Exhibition. He hopes the display will impact visitors.

“It’ll highlight for the young and the not so young, those persons who have paved the way: the likes of Sir Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw; C. A. Paul Southwell; Sir Joseph Nathaniel France; [and] Mr. William Ferdinand Dore,” he said. “We will be imparting the history of all these leaders who have paved the way. [We will have] full descriptions of them, [and] what they did in order to bring about what you call a revitalized St. Kitts to bring St. Kitts to what it is today. It’s significant that we preserve and highlight their contribution to the whole political, and socio-economical development of St. Kitts and the impact it had throughout the entire [Caribbean] region.”

The month-long exhibition will feature performances as well.

“At the back section, we have a stage and we’ll be [hosting] drama groups. Loughlin Tatem (of Poinciana Theatre Productions) in particular will be coming and presenting theatrical works. He will also be doing some history. Other things will be taught. I think I’m going to be doing some fife. Fife, because fife is a significant aspect [of our culture],” he said.

The exhibition begins on Friday afternoon (January 27th) but from Saturday, January 28th, to the end of February on weekdays, doors open from 10am-6:00pm.

He made mention of long serving humanitarian and the first awardee of the First Caribbean International Bank Unsung Hero programme William Ferdinand Dore is still alive and will be making 98 years of age in 2023.

The birth of Carnival and its impact will also be highlighted during the exhibition.

He said primary schools and visitors alike regularly visited the museum. Mr. Nisbett said he is looking forward to the usual schools such as the Epworth Maurice Hillier School, the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School and the Dr. William Connor Primary School.

All are invited.

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