ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation celebrates 63rd anniversary, Chairman highlights significant advancements made to the company

By Devonne Cornelius

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Mar 05, 2024 (ZIZ Newsroom): ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is celebrating its 63rd anniversary having officially opened its doors on March 05, 1961.

“ZIZ intends to go into its 63rd anniversary refreshed, renewed, and meeting industry standards,” said Mr. Javon Liburd, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZBC, adding, “I want ZIZ to continue being the number one source and platform that people go to for information.”

He added: “ZIZ has a rich history of serving the people, of being trustworthy and delivering news that is timely and competent and I think people should expect that from ZIZ. As we celebrate our 63rd year, I consider it to be the year of redemption as we engage in a process of revamping and reorganizing our structure to deliver to the people information and quality content.”

Mr. Liburd, in an interview with ZIZNewsroom, used the opportunity to highlight the significant advancements made to the company over the last two years.

“ZIZ has begun increasing and enhancing its competency in both human resource product and its technical component so we have significantly invested in policies and programmes that would boost productivity and efficiency. I make mention of the systems, network overhaul, and equipment.

We engaged the staff at all levels and from those conversations, they informed our position moving forward. We rolled out a policy document that operates as the Code of Ethics; a pay structure that has never existed at ZIZ and a retirement policy that also has never existed at ZIZ.”

Mr. Liburd said the Board of Directors of ZBC will continue to invest in the operations of the company to ensure that it continues to compete with the current trends and changes in the media industry.

The Public Works Department undertook the planning and construction of the new building at Springfield. The Department of Electricity and Telephones and Cable and Wireless also assisted in significant ways to make ZBC a reality.

At a significant ceremony on Sunday, March 05, 1961, attended by government officials, well-wishers, and supporters, ZBC became a reality. Administrator Lieutenant Colonel H.A.C. Howard opened the proceedings. The Hon. F.T. Williams then handed the keys to the building to Chief Minister C.A. Paul Southwell who delivered the feature address in which he gave a brief history of the project and acknowledged the contribution of all those involved.


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