ZIZ celebrates 51st anniversary

ZIZ NEWSROOM, Basseterre, March 5, 2012 — Today ZIZ radio is celebrating its fifty-first anniversary.

Although the activities won’t be as expansive as last year’s celebrations chairman of the board of directors Peter Jenkins says they still plan to repeat some of the events.

These include the song competition which resulted in the launch of singing sensation DeJour, and a fun day which he says was “well received by all”.

As for the future of ZIZ, Mr Jenkins says he envisions that the company will remain a source of positive encouragement for the nation with a particular focus on the quest for knowledge.

He says young people should be encouraged to continuously search for knowledge and use that knowledge to develop the country. He says he sees ZIZ as a beacon of positive thrust helping to shape the future of the people who will in turn use their knowledge and skills to enhance the nation.

ZIZ was founded on March 5, 1961. Special programming will be aired today to mark the fifty-first anniversary. Details on other activities being organized will be announced at a later date.

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