ZIZ part of International Press Group to visit K Best Technologies in Taoyuan, Taiwan

By: Chaïra Flanders

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 30, 2019 (ZIZ News): ZIZ along with several other media representatives from around the world were given the opportunity to visit the major telecommunication and equipment provider called k best technology in Taiwan on Friday.

The international press group was given the opportunity to visit the leading telecommunication giant in Taoyuan city, Taiwan as part of the week long activities organized by the ministry of foreign affairs in Taiwan.

During the meeting, Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Yu- Wei Tung delivered a brief presentation that highlighted how new technology made and distributed in Taiwan can help to improve telecommunication systems in developing states.

The CTO used the example of a newly designed radar system that can help island states like St. Kitts and Nevis, monitor its coastal waters. He said these new radar systems can help the coast guards monitor vessels more than 20 miles from the shoreline.

He then explained that the traditional radar system can be used to monitor the coast both during day and night using video capture.

The press group was then given a tour of the facility and was also given the opportunity to view the various projects on display.

K-best is a professional Rf/microwave equipment provider that develops and manufactures all kind of microwave transmitters, receivers, and transceivers.

The company’s main applications are for wireless internet, satellite communication, mobile base station, point-to-point radio, point-to-multipoint radio, wireless audio/video and military use.

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