ZIZ Radio remains the number one radio station after 49 years of service

ZIZ News…March 5, 2010 – ZIZ Radio is today celebrating its 49th year of service to the people of the federation and further a field and maintains its position as the leading radio station.

Since its first broadcast on Sunday March 5th, 1961, ZIZ Radio has a rich history from the vision of the late Excellency C.A. Paul Southwell to the station’s opening by Lord Hailes, then Governor General of the West Indies to the impressive announcers that made the station what it is today.

It prides itself on being a family station and it remains the favorite station for many locals and listeners abroad.

ZIZ’s radio manager, Mr. Alvah Bradley says for the radio station to be the leading station for so long is testimony of its high quality personnel and programming only known to ZIZ.

“Forty-nine is certainly a very impressive milestone, just one short of the 50th anniversary which we will celebrate next year. Forty-nine years and surviving in this business is testimony to the quality of announcers and personnel we have had at ZIZ for the past 49 years, also testimony to the quality and variety of programming which the public I’m certain have found very informative and interesting over the years.”

“It is also testimony to the support that we have been given by the business community and by the listeners at home and abroad, they have been able to support us over the past years and I believe that we have been doing something that the public appreciates.”

ZIZ Radio continues to be “the pulse of the eastern Caribbean.”

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