Antigua-Barbuda citizenship by investment programme ranked first in the region

GlobalCitizen-1St John’s, Antigua — Global immigrant investment company, Arton Capital, has ranked Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment programme first in the region in its recently published semi-annual update of its Arton Index – the industry benchmark for global residence and citizenship programmes as perceived by investors.

In the January/February edition of Global Citizen magazine, Arton Capital noted that Antigua and Barbuda’s programme ranks first among the Caribbean group and finds its place among the top performers within all assessed countries.

“It gets the highest score for speed and relatively high marks for simplicity. In terms of cost, it has to catch up with its Caribbean peers, but it gets the top rank on Global Mobility compared to the other islands, especially after one island lost their visa-free access to a North American country,” the report outlined.

Antigua and Barbuda’s ranking came in front of programmes in the United Kingdom, Dominica, Grenada and Cyprus, and behind programmes in Bulgaria and Hungry.

The Antigua and Barbuda administration, which recently introduced amendments to the citizenship by investment programme, prides itself on running one of the most effectively managed programmes, with a very high due diligence reporting system.

Every update of Arton Index reflects the legislative changes and amendments that have been introduced since its last update and the January/February 2015 edition of the index takes them into consideration.

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