100+ Vendors want to do Business during Carnival

(ZIZ News) – The Carnival Chairman is reporting that more than 150 vendors have applied to do business during the Carnival season.

Speaking with ZIZ News on Tuesday, Noah Mills said his committee has agreed to facilitate a Carnival Village to accommodate such persons.

“I think we have a record number of close to 160 vendors registering this year and we’ve been placing them at different points,” Mills said.

He noted that not all vendors will occupy the Carnival Village as the committee has been creative in its approach of facilitating the small business owners.

“You can be in the (Sugar) Mill, you can be at the food fair, you can be scattered around Basseterre as is done normally or you can be in the (Carnival) Village. The Village is a central location that dates back to it being on the Carnival shoreline, it being in The Circus, and many persons were asking for us to re-introduce it,” he added.

In explaining the setup, Mills said that approximately four bars will be placed in the Sugar Mill while 10 more will most likely occupy the Carnival Village on Bank Street.

Speaking specifically of the Village, he said they plan to facilitate activities for both day and night time patrons.

“We’ll always have a stage in place which is well lit, which is tinted and we’ll have entertainment, perhaps on a Thursday, a Friday, a Saturday and I can tell you this much, we are now in negotiations with Party Central who might very well be a cohabitant down there with us at Bank Street,” he said.

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