10th Annual Junior Achievement Trade Fair

Students from six educational institutions competed for top honours at the 10th edition of the Junior Achievement Company Programme Trade Fair.

The fair, held at the Independence Square in Basseterre, climaxed months of preparation of the Junior Achievement companies within the various high schools in the Federation.

Executive Director of Junior Achievement St. Kitts and Nevis, Tracey Herbert said the programme exposes the students to a wide range of opportunities.

She said, “Participants of this programme have been given the opportunity to experience international business culture. See uniqueness in products and services, for example, earrings made from potato skins and it also gives them the opportunity to understand the ways in which innovation and creativity can speak for you.”

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank [ECCB] Representative, Vanessa Pennyfeather commended the Junior Achievement Company Programme for what it offers the aspiring young businessmen and women.

“I hope and believe they have sharpened their decision making skills, enhanced their confidence in public speaking and marketing, honed their leadership skills and acquired new knowledge in business and financial literacy, entrepreneurship and risk analysis. The company programme is an outstanding example of business-school partnerships,” Mrs. Pennyfeather explained.

Senior Education Officer, Dr. Michael Blake was also in high praise for the programme. He says it is programmes like the Junior Achievement Programme that helps to prepare students for leadership roles.

He added, “We believe that the JA Programme prepares students to be those movers and shakers; those who make things happen because there is a school of thought that holds that it is those who control the commanding heights of the economy, those who are in the top echelons of business who, more so than the politicians or any other technocrats, who control the affairs of state. And therefore, by getting involved in the JA Programme at this early stage, students or young men and women as it were, are setting themselves up for assuming those positions of power and authority.”

Last year, the Basseterre High School won the Trade Fair with their various wooden products manufactured from an old tree in their school yard. The products were a mix of refined and raw wood desk accessories, clocks and candle holders which were well received.

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