2014 Induction for Prospective Teachers Begins

SKNIS — Individuals hoping to become teachers in the upcoming school year are currently participating in an Induction Course at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

The two-week course is facilitated by the Ministry Of Education and is designed to select future teachers.

Chief Education Officer, Clarice Cotton, welcomed the participants and reminded them that teaching is a noble profession.

“Teaching is a big undertaking when you become a teacher you are responsible for others, when you close those classroom doors you are the adult for the children,” she said. “What you do in that classroom affects lives and so it is very, very important that when you close those classroom doors you have some idea what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.”

The theme for this year’s induction course is “Equipping Teachers with Requisite Skills, Attitudes and Knowledge”.

Among areas for training are Classroom Management, Work Preparation, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers, Infusing Technology into the Curriculum, Professionalism, and Special Needs.

The workshop is expected to end on Thursday June 26th. The workshop’s attendees are expected to participate in the Child Month March on Friday June 27th.

Successful participants will continue the Induction Course one day per week for the entire school year.

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