2015 State Scholar and Runners Up Announced

(ZIZ News) — Christian Bryden of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College is the 2015 State Scholar.

On Monday afternoon, the Ministry of Education revealed that National Examinations Registrar Solomon Claxton had confirmed that Bryden, who obtained 11 Grade 1 passes in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations [CAPE], was this year’s top achiever.

The Nevis Sixth Form College’s Tyler Martin copped the First Runner-Up Award although he and Jamalje Bassue received six Grade 1 passes from seven qualifying units.

According to a release, “in accordance with the established criteria for determining a tiebreak, CXC computed the general module performance for them and it was determined that Martin had 16 – A’s, 4 – B’s and a C and Bassue had 15 – A’s, 4 – B’s and C.”

Both Bryden and Bassue represented the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

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