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February 26, 2020

UWI principal: Time for changes in education

One of the region’s leading academics has welcomed Government’s plan to replace the Barbados Secondary School’s Entrance Examination better known as the 11-Plus, saying change was inevitable.

Sanders faces brunt of the attacks at South Carolina debate

Democrats unleashed a roaring assault against Bernie Sanders and seized on Mike Bloomberg’s past with women in the workplace during a contentious debate that tested the strength of the two men at the center of the party’s presidential…

Death toll rises to 20 from Delhi riots during Trump trip

At least 20 people were killed and 189 injured in three days of clashes in New Delhi that coincided with President Donald Trump’s first state visit to India, with the death toll expected to rise as hospitals continue to take in the…

Globe braces for long battle against virus as cases spread

Scientists raced to find a treatment, crews scrubbed everything from money to buses, and quarantines were enforced Wednesday from a beachfront resort in the Atlantic to an uninhabited island in the Pacific as the world fought the spread of…