23 Graduates from Police Training Course in Internal Affairs Investigation and Audit

JMichaelStiers-1(ZIZ)– On Friday morning 15 sergeants, six corporals, one inspector and one constable participated in the closing ceremony of two training courses organised by the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force.

Internal Affairs Investigation and Audit and Inspection were the subjects of the courses which were facilitated by Alan Young and J. Michael Stiers.

During his presentation, facilitator Stiers explained how police officers stand to benefit from the information.

“These two courses may be the most important courses that you take during your training as police officers,” he said. “It gives you the ability and the knowledge to move your police department forward into the future in the way of professionalism and integrity. You now are the nucleus for this police department to go back to your regular assignments and share with them the information that you have gathered and to show them you would be the example of how things should be done professionally and in the proper manner.”

Stiers praised the participants; describing them as professional and dedicated.

“Commissioner, I would tell you we had an excellent course. The students in week one and in week two were more than professional, they were very interactive with us as instructors. The information that they gave us allowed us then to modify some of the training that we had so that it was more specific to your department here on St. Kitts and Nevis. So I commend you on the quality of the students that you selected for this course and I thank the students from this course for your time, energy and effort that you gave Mr. Young and I over the last two weeks,” he said.

Woman Sergeant Ilena Phillip was among the participants. She had high praise for the information presented as part of the Audit and Inspection Course.

“This class has added much value and insight into my work experience and also my other colleagues as well. The reason for saying this is that not only have we had the opportunity to learn in depth information on audit and inspection but to learn from experts in the field. This training has been very comprehensive and worthwhile. The lecturers have been successful in bringing the information across to us and I commend them on that,” she noted.

The Police Training School seeks to provide a highly skilled, physically alert and reliable police officer who is equipped with the kind of knowledge and expertise, which will enable him/her to meet the present and future needs of the people of St. Kitts and Nevis and visitors.

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