24th Anniversary Of Self Employed Coverage

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, 7th July 2020 (Social Security Board) — July 1st, 2020 marked the 24th year since the introduction of Self Employed Coverage by the St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board. The aim was to ensure that entrepreneurs were provided with income protection coverage and to uphold Social Security’s mandate to offer universal coverage for all workers. 

Before 1996, Self Employed Persons were unable to access the range of benefits offered by Social Security. To address this, the Social Security Act, No 13 of 1977 was amended with Self employed Regulations thereby providing the legal framework by which self employed persons derived their rights and responsibilities. 

Since its introduction, 2952 self employed persons have registered and have contributed a total $23, 791, 019.16 to the fund over the years. In 2019, $2,169,056.24 was paid into the fund as contributions from the self employed. 

The Fund continues to serve the Self Employed and have provided financial support via access to the various types of benefits offered by Social Security including sickness, maternity, invalidity, survivors and age pensions. Most recently Social Security has affirmed its commitment to over 1500 self employed applicants via the Covid 19 Relief Fund for persons whose income had been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Social Security recognises the role of the self employed at even a critical time as this and applaud their efforts to remain resilient and operational in an effort to sustain the economy. 

The Board applauds also the efforts of past policy makers, Management and Staff for their commitment and dedication to service. 

Throughout the month of July, our public relations efforts will include social media content geared specifically towards the self employed and engagement of the self employed to promote business continuity and compliance. 

For more information, please contact: Ms. Kamilah Lawrence, Public Relations Manager St. Christopher & Nevis Social Security Board Phone: 869 465 2535 Email: klawrence@socialsecurity.kn 

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