24th Illegal Firearm and more Ammunition Found

32 guage shotgun (file photo)

ZIZ News…May 20, 2010 – The police on the sister island of Nevis is responsible for taking the 24th Firearm of the year off the streets. During the year so far the security forces have stepped up their campaign to rid the Federation of illegal firearms.

According to a Police release, on Wednesday May 19th at approximately 9:20AM, members of the Task Force, Nevis, executed a search warrant on the premises of Judy Browne-Claxton of Craddock Road, Nevis.

The search yielded one (1) 32 gauge shotgun, one (1) 12 gauge round and eighty-one (81) 9mm rounds of ammunitions, which were found in the bedroom of Randy Browne. Judy and Randy were arrested on suspicion and taken into police custody, along with the illegal find.

Investigations into this matter are ongoing. Formal charges are likely to follow some time today. This is the 24th illegal firearm to be taken into custody for the year.

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