45th Annual Caribbean Development Bank Meeting Adjourned

(ZIZ News) — The two days of discussions between the 27-member countries of the Caribbean Development Bank came to an end today [May 21, 2015].

In adjourning the meeting, Chairman of the Board, Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris stated “When the region stands together we perform beyond expectation.”

President of the Caribbean Development Bank, Dr. Warren Smith said coming out of the meetings it is evident that “new thinking is required” and “the CDB will support what is needed for Caribbean growth…”

Ahead of the adjournment of the meeting, a seminar titled “Youth are the Future: The Imperative of Youth Employment for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean” was held to examine the specific challenges of giving youth the right training and tools for the labour market.

The 46th annual meeting of the Board of Governors will be held in Jamaica in May 2016.

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