Hon. Eric Evelyn Pleased To Continue Serving The People

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 1, 2020 (ZIZ): Hon. Eric Evelyn who is one of the new members of the Federal Cabinet said he is pleased to once again serve the people of the federation, now in this new role.

During an interview with ZIZ News Minister Evelyn said he has always considered himself “a servant of the people” and this is an extension of what he has been doing in the Nevis Island Administration.

“I consider myself as someone who is very community minded; very in touch with the people. I have been involved in community service practically all my life and now that I am a part of the Nevis Island Administration for the past two and a half years, now that I am a part of the federal cabinet this is just an extension of what I have been doing all my life. It is indeed a pleasure and an honor tto serve at the federal level and I promise that I will try as much as possible to serve the people of St. Kitts and Nevis with Distinction.”

At the swearing in ceremony following the June 5th Elections, Hon. Eric Evelyn was given the portfolio of minister of environment and cooperatives.

Minister Evelyn said this is not an unfamiliar area for him.

“It is not absolutely new territory. I have spent all my life in public service in the Ministry of Agriculture and so I am very familiar with the cooperatives movement and of course in Nevis Cooperatives and Agriculture normally fall under one umbrella and I was formerly the Permanent Secretary in Agriculture and Cooperatives, he said.

“ So it is not something totally new and even with Environment, it is closely linked with Agriculture as well and so some of the staff at the Department of Environment, I met them in training workshops and meetings before so it’s not really new territory per se and as I said the Environment is very closely linked as well.”

Minister Evelyn said he has been meeting with persons working within the ministries he oversees to be appraised of the work being carried out.

In his new capacity as Minister of Cooperatives, Minister Evelyn visited the Agro Strip near ponds pasture on Friday and expressed his satisfaction with the new initiative.

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