89th Anniversary of the Buckley’s Uprising Celebrated

Basseterre, St. Kitts, Jan 30, 2024 (ZIZ Newsroom): In commemoration of the 89th Anniversary of the Buckely’s Uprising, The Nyabinghi Theocracy Order hosted its annual celebration on Sunday (January 28, 2024) at Buckley’s Estate.

Attended by government officials, descendants of those who lost their lives during the uprising, villagers and well-wishers, the celebration included speeches, songs, dancing, and poetry.

Ras I-Trus of the Nyabinghi Theocracy Order spoke of the significance of the Buckely’s Uprising.

Ras I-Trus of the Nyabinghi Theocracy Order

He stated, “The Buckley’s Uprising of 1935 has great significance to some of the privileges that we are enjoying here today in the Federation and further afield the region.  It was due to the Uprising of 1935 that is where a push came from for greater and better living conditions, working conditions, wages, and the initial fight for independence started. The 1935 Buckley’s Uprising was not just a small argument, a small dispute, but it was a cry.  For one and for all, for a betterment, for a change from the harsh environment that we worked in for the meagre wages, it was a cry for a step up.”

Minister of Culture Hon. Samal Duggins said the Uprising led to many of the privileges that we enjoy today.

Minister of Culture Hon. Samal Duggins

The Minister stated, “They must have had a tremendous amount of faith.  But again, look at us today.  We sit here having our own people able to lead our country.  We sit here now with improved health care, something which they fought for.  We sit here now having access to school all the way to tertiary level.  Free access all the way to tertiary level. Again, something that they fought for because the lack of education at the time was something that they determined that they needed to overcome. We sit here now, some of us owning our own land and homes. Again, something that they fought for.  We sit here having the right to vote and elect a government that we choose. Again, something that they stood and they fought for.  How could they then know that we will have this love, save and accept?  They were filled with faith.”

Parliamentary Representative for Constituency #3 Hon. Konris Maynard thanked the Nyabinghi Theocracy Order for their continued recognition of this important moment in the country’s history over the years.

Member of Parliament for St. Christopher 3, Hon. Konris Maynard

He said, “As small as we are, we have always been the impetus for change and revolution in the Caribbean and the world. I want to take a special opportunity to thank the Nyabingi Theocracy Order for many, many years. Whether it is themselves alone, it does not matter. Rain, sun, shine, we don’t have hurricanes in January, but no matter what is happening, they have always been here on the 28th of January in this annual pilgrimage to pay tribute to our martyrs of our history.”

Plaques were also presented to descendants of the pioneers of the Worker’s League.

The Buckley’s Uprising took place on January 28th, 1935 when sugar workers rose up against their employers after they were denied fair wages.

The Uprising in St. Kitts helped to spark labor riots in other Caribbean countries and ushered in an era of social change.

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