A call for more contributions to the local Red Cross Haiti Fund

ZIZ News…April 4, 2010 – The St.Kitts-Nevis Red Cross organised a relief fund on the 14th January in the aftermath of the massive earthquake that occured in that Haiti on the 12th January 2010. The account for that fund was set up at the RBTT Bank, account # 2604000000014247.

The response from the public at large has been very encouraging and we were able to transfer the sum of 41 thousand US dollars as the first installment to the international appeal organised by the International Red Cross.

This transfer was done on the 15th February 2010. At that time, just prior to the transfer, the account balance stood at $116,166.73 EC and the costs associated with the 41 thousand US transfer amounted to $111,392.90 EC. This left a balance on the account of $4773.83 EC.

Since that time, with further contributions to the fund, the balance as of today, April 1st 2010, stands at $52,999.69 EC.

This fund will be officially closed on the 30th April 2010, and the monies on the account will at that time be transferred as a second installment, to the International fund organised by the International Red Cross for the continuing efforts associated with the recovery in Haiti. We are inviting individuals and organisations that are still interested in contributing to make use of the available time left in April.

Our Society would like to express our thanks and gratitude for this significant effort demonstrated by the outpouring of contributions from individuals and groups as well as from the business sector.

The work of the Red Cross however continues as we strive to respond to a variety of needs, both locally and externally, thus we welcome at all times your contributions both in kind, as well as with your time and your advice and ideas,or by you becoming a member of the organisation.

Contact information…..Phone us at our National Headquarters – (869) 465-2584 or email – skbredcr@sisterisles.kn, the Nevis branch – (869) 469-5961 or email – nevredcross@caribsurf.com.

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