A Colourful Grand Parade 2010

ZIZ NEWSROOM, JANUARY 2, 2010 – An explosion of colours took place in Basseterre on Saturday as St Kitts-Nevis celebrated its Carnival Grand Parade Day.

This year’s parade day also saw the inclusion of the Children’s Carnival, which focused on “A Fit and Healthy Nation.”

The troupes for Children Carnival were careers, fruits and vegetables, food from animals, sugars and sweeteners and sports and fitness. The reigning Junior Calypso King, Calypso Leo was on display.

Also on parade were the tradition folklores including Dennis Masquerade, St. Peter’s Actors, Home Boys Masquerade, Mansion Bull, Mummies and Mocko Jumbies.

The female Calypso Queen, Queen Anastasia and Best of the Rest winner, King Lala, the Beaumont Park Soca Monarch King Konris and the LIME Senior Calypso Monarch Pungwa were all a part of the parade.

The troupes were as colourful and exciting as ever before. Favourites like Banker Mas’ Camp with their theme “Beauty Beneath the Sea” and Phunn Makers Mas Camp honoring the Calypso legend Ellie Matt were on hand.

Other troupes included The Patriots, which included teen contestants in ambassadorial wear and queen contestants in their national pride costumes, Inferno -Ship Ahoy featuring a float, Mv Lime and Fhunn Vybes.

Favorite bands were also on the road to provide patrons the sweet music.

Winners of this year’s parade awards will be announced on Monday.

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