A Ganar receives support

ZIZ News…Sept 19, 2010 – Two local implementing organizations of the A Ganar program are the beneficiaries of the philanthropic gestures of the United States Southern Command.

On Friday 17th September 2010, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Harvey traveled to St Kitts and purchased items to the tune of XCD $25 000. The St Kitts and Nevis Football Association and the Caribbean Healthy Lifestyle Program are the two organizations to which support was provided. The purchase included items such as laptops, desk top computers, projectors, printers and digital cameras.

These items will be used as the groups work assiduously to complete Phase II of the program. In this phase the youths are exposed to vocational training that they will be able to utilize in the workplace. Both groups have already committed themselves to facilitating computer training sessions for their participants. The items donated will also ensure the sustainability of key elements of the A Ganar program locally.

The Coordinators of both groups have expressed their profound gratitude to Lieutenant Colonel Harvey and his colleagues for their munificence noting that the items purchased will not only be beneficial to the 100 participants who are presently enrolled by the two groups but will indeed serve those who will participate in Cycle 2, which will begin in January.

This is the second time that Lieutenant Colonel Harvey and his colleagues have made contributions to the A Ganar implementing organizations. In early July, a number of items were donated to the Community Achievers Project and the Basseterre High School in recognition of the work they have been able to do, in conjunction with A Ganar, to reach our youths.

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