A Group of past students gives back to the former Sandy Point High School

ZIZ News…April 1, 2011 – A number of former students of the Sandy Point High School now known as Charles E. Mills Secondary School are giving back to their Alma Mater.

The class of 93-94 of the Sandy Point High School came together to reminisce on school days with four nights of activities which was held from the 24th to the 27th of March 2011. Two of the highlights to mark this memorable moment were an Award Ceremony and the handing over of a Photocopy Machine to the Sandy Point High School.

Class of 93-94

Ten teachers were awarded with plaques by the Class of 93-94 as their way of saying thanks for the hard work and dedication to these former students and the entire school population.

The names of awardees are: Mrs. Avonelle Carey Fraites, Mrs. Patricia Isles Caesar, Mrs. Gayle Grey- Phillip, Miss. Joycelyn Richards, Miss. Loleena Mills, Miss Muriel Powell, Mrs. Carleen Edwards, Miss. Cavelle Rawlins, Mr. Allan Rogers and Mr. Dwight Woodley.

The teachers took the time to say a special thanks to the class of 93-94 for their thoughts and consideration in giving back to the school, and appreciated the fact that the students did not forget where they came from and returned after 17yrs to say thanks.


One of the teachers in her remark said, “Indeed I am touched, and this gives me the courage to continue and continue to do my best, this is motivation”.

Another one of the activities was the handing over ceremony held at the Sandy Point High School of a photocopier machine which was given to the school the morning of the 25th of March. The class of 93-94 counted it a joy as they were able to participate in the assembly that morning headed by Pastor Clive Saunders and the Class of 93 – 94.

Miss Williams head teacher of the Sandy Point High school thanked the reuniting class and promised them the school will make good use of the Photocopier, since it is a machine they school had longed for.

Handing over ceremony

The class of 93-94 would like to say special thanks to the persons who make the handing over of the photo copier a success. They are Mr. Kendel Maloney, Mr Charles Caesar, City Dental, Mr. Michael Gumbs, Honorable Dr. Denzil Douglas and the Honorable Sam Condor.

Among the activities as part of the Class of 93-94 reunion was a Church Service in Sandy Point, two nights out at Michaels at Bird Rock and a day on the beach at the South East Peninsular.

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