A new highway between Sandy Point and Basseterre have several benefits, says PM

Basseterre, St. Kitts, (CUOPM) – A new highway connecting Sandy Point and Basseterre would have several benefits.

Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas said such a possibility is aimed at ensuring that development is spread evenly across the Federation and to reverse the trend towards urbanization by giving more of the people in the rural communities the opportunity to work closer to where they live and to conduct their day-to-day business in their communities.

“Hence, as a matter of priority, we intend to accelerate the preparatory work in respect of the construction of a highway from Basseterre to Sandy Point that would dramatically reduce the time it takes to get from our airport and seaports to many of our rural communities including those in Sandy Point and the Whitegate area,” said Prime Minister Douglas.

He said a Sandy Point to Basseterre highway would attract more investment to the rural area and would at the same time free the Basseterre area of traffic jams and overcrowding in certain low-income urban residential communities.

“Our aim is to have major tourism developments in a number of rural communities including Ottley’s, Tabernacle, the Whitegate area, Sandy Point and Old Road with the expectation that these would spur further development in neighbouring communities and create jobs and business opportunities in the whole of the rural area,” said Prime Minister Douglas.

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