A.P.E. Supports Eno-Environment Online

ZIZ NEWS…19 May 2010 – An organisation that usually advocates against crime and violence will be joining with an international earth-friendly movement, to promote peace, but peace with the environment.

Ms Yvette Herbert is the President for an organisation which is signed under UNESCO called, Ambassadors for Peace and Empowerment.

She told ZIZ News that this year her group has chosen to deal with a more topical issue, that of climate change.

The A.P.E President says they feel obligated to join with Eno-Environment Online in a tree planting ceremony on Friday, in promoting peace with the environment.

Eno is a global school network that teaches environmental topics and sustainable development.

Last year alone, over 5,000 schools in 127 countries were inspired to plant trees. The aim is to plant over 100 million trees by the year 2017.

All the schools in St Kitts-Nevis are gearing up for Friday. In total they will be planting two hundred trees.

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