A Rose Between Thorns

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 25, 2020 (ZIZ News): A film Produced and Directed by Kittitians is being featured Internationally.

A Rose Between Thorns is The first film featuring all local crew members and actors to be produced and submitted to International film festivals.

The film which was done in 2017, was Directed by local director Nigel Trucapo Lewis.

He gave a synopsis of the film.

“It’s about a young girl bythe name of Rose who uses dance as a way to escape the abuse of her parents and she has a boyfriend who is a troubled teen so he has his own demons to deal with.”

The film has been accepted, and will be screened by several film festivals in the coming weeks.

“Right now it’s at the American Black Film Festival which showcased the film for the first time on the 21st until the 30th of August, that’s the first film festival. The other film festival that it’s up for is the Urban World Film Festival which is in September and it also got admitted to the Austrian Film Festival which we are semi finalists in and that’s in October. We got accepted into two other film festivals, one being the Malta Film Festival which was supposed to premier in August but we opted out and theres another one coming up which is the Iceland Film Festival.”

He said the feedback from the Kittitian and Nevisian public has been positive.

“It’s humbling, just the fact that this is the first time a St. Kitts Nevis film has been admitted to an international film festival. It’s been overwhelming. The feedback has been amazing. I saw comments of persons saying the end was superb. There were so many positive comments. It highlighted a very sensitive issue and persons really felt it and they started talking about it in a sense of the issue that it highlighted. But yes the comments were amazing.

“A Rose Between Thorns” was originally written by James Galloway. It was produced by Oscar Winning Producer Agustin Fernandez.

The film can be viewed on www.abff.com.

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