A Top Quality Corporate Website is Necessary in Today’s Business World, says SCASPA’S Head of Public Relations

ZIZ News…February 24, 2010 – The importance of having a top-quality corporate website to enhance your company’s image is a requirement in today’s business world. That is the view of Mrs Delcia Bradley-King, the Head of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations at the St Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority, better known as SCASPA. Speaking at the launch of her organisation’s revamped website Mrs Bradley-King said:

“A corporate website is necessary to any organization that is serious about enhancing its image, marketing its products and services and offering quality service. The St Kitts Air and Sea Ports Authority, of course, is no exception. There is a popular saying, if you build it they will come. Years ago we built our website and they came.

“As a dynamic and progressive organisation we recognize that we must refresh and revitalise our website. We needed not just to invigorate it but to give it a completely new face, so we overhauled our website. We are very pleased at the progress that has been made and this is only the end of phase one of the development. Other phases will follow very, very shortly. It will have links to other websites and new pages added. We have updated a lot of information, we have added new content as well and as I said we have given it a brand new look, so we are very pleased to launch this redesigned website.”

It is also hoped that the website will lure more visitors to experience the delights of the Federation.

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