A vote for NRP is a vote for continued progress in Nevis, Premier Parry tells Nevisians

Premier Parry with party supporters

NEVIS (Thursday, February 10th, 2011) – Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry told hundreds of supporters at a political meeting in Cotton Ground, his birthplace, that the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) has performed for the people of Nevis. He made the statement at the first political meeting for the Nevis Reformation Party for 2011 on Wednesday night.

“Look at all that the NRP has done in housing -with nearly 300 new homes provided for the people of Nevis. Look at the new and refurbished roads, improvements in water distribution and over 200 students pursuing university education with the assistance of your NRP led-Government,” said Mr. Parry, the political leader of the NRP.

“Hasn’t the NRP party achieved much more in four and a half short years than the CCM has even tried to do in 14 years?” asked Premier Parry, who added that the people of Nevis should become very keen on the vast differences between his NRP led-Government and the opposition party of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM).

Mr. Parry said that one of the most important questions in the upcoming election should be whether the people of Nevis wanted to continue with the progress they received with the NRP or go with the promises of the CCM.

Crowd enjoying the meeting

Premier Parry and other ministers of the NRP Cabinet reminded those at the massive meeting, that in the parishes of St. Thomas’ and St. Georges’, the Opposition had done very little or nothing for the people in those areas, which they served for 14 years.

Premier Parry informed the well attended meeting that the NRP believes in empowerment of all the people of Nevis.

“It doesn’t matter about where you came from, your status or your income level. Every resident of Nevis have the right to land ownership, a business opportunity and tertiary education for their children,” said Premier Parry.

He boasted that since his party took office in July 2006, land distribution has been made easier and more affordable with government land being sold for as little as EC$3.50 a square foot, for first time buyers.

“My NRP led government has done a lot for the people Nevis and we have more that we want to do including create more jobs, improve Agriculture even more, bring geothermal to Nevis, end the 50 year monopoly on the Medical University of the Americas and bring the Aman Hotel to Nevis,” said the Premier.

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