Advice For Young Artists

(ZIZ News) Soca star and lead singer of the Roy Cape All Stars, Ricardo Drue is encouraging up and coming artistes to not be seduced by the fame and attention that musical success can bring.

In a backstage interview with ZIZ, Drue encouraged young artistes to remain humble and focus on their craft.

“As young artistes, especially in this day and age, we tend to have a lot of egos and in this industry, ego isn’t something that is going to work out, especially given that we have a lot of social media going on right now,” he said.

“The ways people have looked for music and interact with artistes have changed. So the minute you become too big for them, they’ll find someone else right away. So my advice for them is to just be humble, enjoy your craft, work on your craft, perfect your craft, and always look for the next best opportunity, the next best thing,” he added.

Drue credits his time with the Roy Cape All Stars as instrumental in shaping him as an artiste and hopes to pass on his knowledge to new artistes entering the soca arena.

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