African culture to be displayed at fashion walk

ZIZ News…February 20, 2010 – A fashion walk to commemorate Black History Month will be taking place in St Kitts this coming Friday 26th February 2010.

The theme of the event is Afri-Carib which aims to highlight the connection between African and Caribbean culture.

The walk, which will take place on Fort Street, will see a number of models wearing African clothing. There will also be Caribbean designs on display.

Speaking to ZIZ News about what will be on display during the fashion walk, the event’s organizer Sandra Weekes says:

“What you will be seeing is African designs which will be modeled by some African students. You will also be seeing some Caribbean designs that will have a tint of Africa, that is the main purpose of Afri-Carib.

“We are looking at Africa and the Caribbean being mixed together. There is something about Africa in our culture, in our houses and in all of us. We are trying to let people have a clearer understanding of African culture, lifestyle and their beliefs. During the fashion walk we will also have people talking about Africa and pictures relating to Africa on display.”

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