Alexander Hamilton Impersonator visits St. Kitts-Nevis, Talks to Students

WilliamChrystal-1(ZIZ News) — Students of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) got a taste of what attendees to Wednesday’s historical presentation at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre (NEPAC) will receive when they hear from Renowned Author and Alexander Hamilton Impersonator, Dr. William Chrystal.

Dr. Chrystal, his wife, and Executive Director of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society, Evelyn Henville, visited the college to give a brief presentation to the students about Alexander Hamilton.

Speaking to ZIZ News afterwards, Dr. Chrystal said it was a wonderful experience.

“It was a hot room. It was noisy. There were groups coming and going, yet through it all, they bore with me. They listened. None of them fell asleep and far from it. I was asked a lot of really great questions. What a wonderful group of young people,” he said.

Dr. Chrystal will be in the federation until November 28th and will make presentations to students of the Nevis Sixth Form College, and students of fifth form and grades five and six.

He also explained his choice to impersonate Alexander Hamilton, particularly to students.

“I’m a writer, I’ve written many things. Some people read them but many more people like these presentations. I think they don’t realise their learning history while they’re learning it and its interactive and it’s up energy and it’s a fun medium.”

Meantime, Henville who is excited about Wednesday evening’s performance gave an overview of the event.

“We’re hoping to present to a wider audience of the general public. So far, we’ve been presenting to our schools. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have an invitation out to all the hotels asking them to send their guests. It is a small charge of EC$25. It will be a whole different type of event where Dr. Chrystal will be speaking to adults and we’re also having a small cultural presentation with the Shekinah Dancers doing a dance before and we do have some local Alexander Hamilton persons who will be dressed in Hamilton period wear and will be around the audience helping them to get seated and so we expect to have a greater expansion into the time period by utilising our own talents.”

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