All about giving back to community

(Sports Page) Colin DUGGIN Stapleton is adamant that his vibrant gym and exercise class which is being conducted at the Cotton Ground Community Center is one way in which he is determined to give back to his beloved community.

DUGGIN noted that he had acquired some start up equipment from fellow Cotton Ground resident, Carlos Vanterpool and he had subsequently secured some more equipment to improve the gym.

He also coordinates a regular exercise class which is held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

At present, there are thirty individuals signed up for the class and it comprises of persons from not only Cotton Ground but from nearby villages.

The individuals are so enthused that several weeks ago, they all participated in an exciting fun day at the Cotton Ground playing field. The activities included athletics and the well loved tug of war.

The nightly sessions are very well structured, commencing with warm up exercises before going into the more structured ‘ABS’ workout.

Then the sessions climax at the gym which involves rotation exercises on the huge balls available, tread mill and weights.

DUGGIN is insisting that his class is open to all interested persons on the island and at just $25.00 per month, it is obvious that it is really a giveaway for persons who want to maintain a certain level of fitness.

As a matter of fact, one participant has already indicated that she is working on her ‘summer body.’

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