All round team effort ensured CPS win

Kevin Barrett

Charlestown Nevis…April 5, 2013 — There was a peculiar calm at the Charlestown Primary School on Thursday 4th April. It was the day after the grand Inter Primary Athletic meet and after all, the official results had indicated that the Charlestown Primary School had defeated defending champions, St.Thomas’ Primary by a mere one point.

Somehow one expected an atmosphere of hysterical celebration. However, as Headmaster Kevin Barrett sat in his office, he was cool, calm and composed. ‘We won’t be having any special celebrations today—we are accustomed to winning,’ he stated.

He however indicated that he had certain specific proposals for celebratory activities for the winning school. These included a possible trip to St.Kitts ‘and a few other things which will not be revealed right now.’

He was clear though on one point; ‘There will be no motorcade. I don’t believe in that,’ he said.

He was warm in his congratulations of the athletes. ‘They performed superbly,’ he said with pride. He was quick to point out the invaluable support of the parents, teachers and coaches.

‘The parents were on board from day one. I told them that whenever the school won, the parents were on board and they played their role well. The children were present at the training sessions in their numbers. The parents ensured that and some of them showed up to give their assistance, noted Barrett. He also praised the Coaches for their tremendous efforts and sacrifice.

He also pointed to the regular spiritual motivational sessions by local Pastors during the period leading up to the meet and noted that the sermon topic the day before the event was really inspirational. It spoke to self belief.

‘The Teachers were also great. We are aware that the children love to have the personal touch from their Teachers and so Teachers were strategically placed around the grounds and they were able to personally connect with the children, call them by name and encourage them on. Children love that and responded well,’ said the beaming Headmaster.

As regards the talk of a recount, Barrett is confident that his school won fairly and is not worrying about the talk circulating the island of the possibility of a St.Thomas’ win.

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