All Stars knocks out Stoney Grove by no show

Manager of the Brand SLYBO Stoney Grove Football team Gary Claxton, referred to the matter as ‘unfortunate,’ He was sorely disappointed by the no-show on Sunday 9th February by the Beyond Homes All stars team, knowing that his team had to win by 13 clear goals in order to have a chance to advance to the finals of the local Football competition.

Apparently a few of the All stars men were on hand but not enough to make a team.

In the team’s two previous outings, the All Stars team received drubbings of 8 goals to 2 and 12 to nil and the Stoney Grove team was confident that they would have scored the 13 goals required.

In the much anticipated match two between CCC Bath United and SL Horsfords Highlights, it proved to be a very intense match up from start to finish but in the end, it was the Highlights team that was celebrating after the final whistle.

They won the game with a score line of 2 goals to 1 

Games summary:

First Game6pm

SSG Strikers vs Beyond Homes All Stars

Allstars forfeited the game thus handing the win to SSG Strikers

Second Game 8pm

SL Horsfords Highlights 2 – 1 CCC Bath United


Lionel Marson 1

Adrian Williams 1


Carlos Chapman 1

The finals will now commence on Tuesday 11th February.

First game is a 3rd place play off between SSG Strikers and Beyond Homes Allstars 6 pm

Second game—Finals–  Features CCC Bath United coming up against SL Horsfords Highlights at 8 Pm

The forfeit by Allstars and the Loss by Bath prevented Stoney Grove from having the chance they needed to make the finals.

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