Allstars hold CCC Bath United to exciting draw

FootballFilePhotoBSports Page — For all intents and purposes, it was all over by the shouting. The Nevis Football Association league match between CCC Bath United and All Stars seemed headed up a one way street. CCC Bath United was large and in charge at the half time whistle with a score line of 2 goals to nil.

As a matter of fact, the general discussion centered on how many more goals the CCC Bath United team would score in the second half of the game.

Apparently, not too many persons spotted the intense discussion at the All Stars bench at the half time break and maybe the intensity of their walk onto the field for the second half of play, also went unnoticed.

However, to the keen observer, they went out in the second half with a real sense of purpose.

AKBO Taylor for the CCC Bath United seemed also really intense in the first tem minutes of the final half and charged goalie DADDY SHAKES on a few occasions but the seasoned veteran held his nerve and with a little luck, came up with the goods every time.

Then there was a breakthrough for the All Stars team. The Goal keeper rushed out of his goal and was left stranded and Kito Chapman rushed through. There was a bit of a collision between him and the goalie but the ball was sent sailing into the back of the net.

With about four minutes left on the clock, Kito Chapman got another break through. This time the opposing goalie negotiated badly and left his goal unattended for Chapman to lob the ball home, making the score line 2 goals all, much to the chagrin of the more highly rated team.

The All stars team spent the remaining minutes basically playing for time and deliberately knocking the ball out at every opportunity, while the CCC Bath United team, charged desperately forward..

The final minutes seemed to last for an eternity and some spectators questioned whether or not Referee Cedric Duporte’s clock was working on Guyanese minutes. Eventually, the final whistle went and the All stars team celebrated as if they had won the game. It was a major upset of sorts.

Here is a summary o all matches played in the Nevis Football Association league over the weekend:

Results for Saturday 26th October 2013

First Game

SSG Strikers 3-0 vs. A & M Stones United

Errol Newton 2
Marvin Buchanon 1

Second Game

Brantley Bronx United 5-2 vs. Hardtimes

Leon Powell 1
Shaheed Tyson 2
Anthony Grant 1
Jovaney Pemberton 1

Chevaun Walwyn 1
Trevier Smithen 1

Sunday 27th October 2013

Allstars 2-2 CCC Bath United

Kito Chapman 2

Alfred Taylor 1
Justin Claxton 1

The league continues on Tuesday 29th October.

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