Amalgamated Security Services Offers $20 Million in Finance Funding

MichaelAboud-1(ZIZ News) – Police Commissioners across the region have been offered access to a value of US$20 million in finance funding by Amalgamated Security Services.

The offer was made by Chairman and C.E.O. of Amalgamated Security Services, Michael Aboud, during the 30th Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police.

Mr. Aboud said his company is offering access to a full array of specialized products and services to benefit from.

“I bring to the table tonight, as part of our continued role regionally, a great opportunity for any Commissioner of his jurisdiction, access to a value of US$20 million in finance funding for any public law enforcement project that may be considered useful from our range of products and services,” he said.

“To mention a few of these, it will be CCTV systems, X-ray baggage and narcotics equipment, forensic apparatus to aid in the scientific detection of trace evidence left back at crime scenes; police supplies, body worn camera systems, vehicle tracking solutions for fleet management and deployment optimization,” Aboud stated.

Amalgamated Security Services is a three decade old company which operates throughout the Caribbean, providing a range of security services and products to both the private and public sectors.

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