Ambassador Ian Liburd Back To School Supply Giveaway Held

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 31, 2020 (ZIZ News):His Excellency Ambassador Ian Liburd held a back to school supply giveaway for the parents and students of Constituency #1 on Sunday at Newtown Hardcourt.

According to the Ambassador, over 400 items were distributed, among them exercise books, school bags, pens, pencils and also scholarships.

He also said that the event catered to students from various age groups noting that the supplies will help to prepare them to do well.

“We catered for the different age groups. We catered for the preschool, we catered for those going into the primary and we had quite a lot as well those going into the secondary which is the final stage of their lives so we have prepared them for their foundation stage, those who are coming from preschool going into the primary school that’s their foundation stage it’s very important, they have only one opportunity to go to elementary or primary school so we make sure we give them the equipment at least to go into that stage and do well,” he said.

Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris explained that September is usually difficult for parents because of the extra spending that is done at that time; he added that the giveaway event will make it easier for parents to get the supplies needed for the children to go back to school.

“ The distribution of the bags and other educational inputs would certainly make it easier for the parents and the guardians to manage this September and to prepare their children for a very rich, a very productive and a very interesting learning experience taking place in the context against the backdrop of Covid-19”.

The Prime Minister also commended Ambassador Liburd for continuing to give back to the community of East Basseterre.

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